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The problem with the 5 liter party kegs is that you bring the party keg while ice cold out of the fridge, but it then, for example, in the summer on the beach, at the pool or at the lake too quickly warm again, so that the beer inedible warm, Either you have to tear down a long distance by car, bike or on foot to get to his favorite place in the sun and the beer keg has become lukewarm until then. Or you can still do it with the cold keg to the barbecue or the picnic meadow on the Rhine, where then at the latest when tapping the beer in the 5 liter keg by the warm incoming air to pressure balance in the keg, the beer inedible heated.

Comparative values of the cooling of different products:

Coolboxes in Comparison – Cooling Cubes have the best performance

Ideally, you have the option to cool the 5 liter party can for 24 hours in a normal refrigerator to 6-7 degrees. If you want to go faster, you can cool the keg for a few hours in a freezer. Here you just have to be careful that your fine beer does not start to ice. To keep the beer in the party keg to the tap and also while drinking cold, there are different solutions. We would like to introduce some to you here.

There are two main problems

  • Keep the party kegs cold for a long time without having an electric refrigerator. For example, on the way to a festival, picnic, Bach party, barbecue event, football game.
  • Continue to cool or keep the party can continuously during beer extraction.

Solution 1: ice water

Actually relatively smart.


Quick cool down from local party cans

Cool several party kegs at the same time or in succession

Looks very funny when you have such a beer – ice bowl in front of him

Solution 2: Using the Stubby Holders

If you have a fixed location, there is the possibility to take a small tub or the like and a few bags of ice cubes. You usually get these at many gas stations. When you are at the destination you can put 1 to X party kegs in cold ice water and cool down so briefly. For that the Stubby holders are the best options now.

Custom apparel has been recognized to be an effective branding tool for all sizes of business enterprises. When employees wear specially designed clothes, they promote the image of the company wherever they go. Company hats, shirts and other items of clothing not only make the staff look good, they also help to present a more professional look.

Business apparel can be used to present different types of information. If the corporation has a major goal that has to be publicized, custom clothing can be a good way to make it known to a lot of people. People who visit the company’s locations will easily know what is going on by simply reading the message on each employee’s attire.

For example, if a restaurant wants to open a new branch, employees can put on shirts or hats with “coming soon” printed clearly on the front. Customers will see these message and they will become expectant. The staff will also be motivated to put more effort towards this goal. It is a good way to keep both customers and staff focused on the same objective.

Tee shirts have become widely accepted as traditional attire for celebrating special occasions. Shirts can be given to employees who are working at the location, customers who are in attendance as well as other participants. Branded shirts are very effective if you want to set your business apart at any event.

Custom apparel can also be used to advertise promotions and special offers. A retail outlet can have promotions that are associated with special occasions, holidays or days of the week. For instance, a restaurant can print happy hour shirts or hats. Customers who come to the restaurant on that day will quickly know what is going on.

Custom clothing can provide a lot of benefits for your company no matter its size. It can create a closer relationship between employees and management. Commutation will flow freely and teamwork will be enhanced. When people wear the same type of clothing, they tend to develop a natural solitary that makes it easier for them to focus on the same goal.

If you want to create a new image for your company, corporate branding with customised apparels may be exactly what you need. Create an attractive logo and choose colors that can be easily identified with your organization. Make sure you hire the right professionals for this project. Using professionals will ensure that your rebranding project is successful.

As you know, retailers are interested in providing a choice for the consumer and beautifully “pack” their outlets with a diverse assortment. So on the shelves there are new goods, new categories, and just the linear meters of the goods, taken for a very sweet offer from the distributor and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many unpacked boxes still remain in the storehouses as a monument to the hopes of the retailer and a huge hole in the pocket in the form of “overstocks. What is the responsibility of the distributor and the manufacturer? The Hobby Lobby – Sell to Hobby Lobby options are there too.

More often: “These are your problems”. Sometimes: “It’s strange, but in other stores – it’s sold well. Let him stand still. ‚ÄúRarely: “Let’s make an action and sell off the excess goods at a discount.” Very rarely: “Okay, once a quarter, return all that we did not give back.” The latter understand that a product that does not sell and takes up space on the shelf blocks sales for both the retailer and the distributor. Survival in the market today requires both sides to search for more winning schemes for cooperation, and not just one-stop gaming.

  • The distributor in the modern perception of the retailer is such a logistics company that greatly simplifies the work, but still, to some extent, is a “freeloader” and an unnecessary layer between the network and the manufacturer. But the distributor performs a number of functions that networks are difficult to take over. It is the distributor who builds high-tech warehouses and develops intelligent logistics. It is the “good distributor” that gives many brands and different categories, as well as smaller parties, and small packaging, if necessary, and most importantly, their money to finance the necessary network of free deferral of payment.
  • This hurts the business of distribution companies. In many European countries, for example, the process of transforming distributors is in full swing: either the distributor creates its own retail and thus competes with its recent customers, or goes into a deep logistics operator, or goes into the 3PL operator format, offering maximum value to its customers. And retail at the same time creates its own RC. You can count on the Convenience store distributor

Transformation of the distributor into a retailer and vice versa requires significant financial and time-consuming efforts. This is a matter of strategy, working out a completely new competence (if you want, pumping a previously absent muscle) and several years of hard work.

Let’s look at how, without complex transformations, to improve the efficiency of the existing distribution chain of the manufacturer-distributor-retailer with the benefit for all participants in the process. These tips are relevant for any retailers, from grocery stores to stores at gas stations.

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